We are a small farm with focus on raw dairy and pastured meats. We have been here in Gadsden, Alabama since 2015, deciding to move our farm closer to family. We believe that food should be raised in pastures as nature intended, not in feed lots or confinement operations, with out GMO's, and unnecessary chemicals.

We chose to name our farm Forgotten Ways because we live in a time where ways of the past are forgotten.Skills that were once necessary for everyday life are now hard to find in modern society. Here at the farm we raise all our own vegetables, we have chickens and goats to provide our own eggs, meat,milk, cheeses and dairy products. We raise our own beef and pork. We do all the processing here on the farm. We try to provide as much of our own food as possible. Nothing is wasted and we keep alive skills such as brain tanning hides, trapping and snaring, and many more things I am probably forgetting to list. We enjoy living closer to nature and the natural cycle of seasons and life.

    In the past being independent meant being able to build your own home, grow your own food, tend livestock, make your own clothes, soaps,candles,tend injuries or sickness, preserve your own food for winter and a plethora of other things the original settlers and pioneers had to deal with on a daily basis. Instead of tending gardens and livestock most people in modern society simply go to the grocery store and purchase some pre-packaged, genetically modified, pesticide ridden junk with no idea what went into the product. Most people lack the skills or knowledge to raise and process their own livestock, can their own food, mend clothing. The list could go on.....Mass dependency on modern society means that basic skills and necessities of life are now becoming ways of the past. They are disappearing at an alarming rate. In the end that means that many in the society that we have created to be so dependent, will never be able to be independent again. They don't have the knowledge that was once so critical in life that it was once passed down from parents to children as mindlessly as we pass on how to operate a remote control. It was part of everyday life. These are the forgotten ways.

I am looking forward to expanding into some new farmers markets, and growing our farm. I would love to meet you at one of our upcoming markets or at the farm! Please give me a call or drop by sometime!