Pastured Pork


It's whats for dinner....

 Our pastured meat and eggs are superior (and delicious) to conventionally raised meats. We raise our livestock on lush pastures and forages. Making it healthier for the you, the animals, and the land. Pastured meat has more Omega-3's , more vitamins, minerals,better fat quality, and better taste. Our customers rave about the taste and quality of our pastured meats and you will too!

We sell our pork by the cut. You can conveniently pick up packages of pork chops, sausage, boston butts, ribs. ect.  Like the grocer only our pork is pasture raised, GMO- Free and has never been given an antibiotic. Raised on pastures that have never been treated with herbicide or pesticides.

Some Pricing follows but is not an inclusive list of all we offer:

Pork Chops $8/lb

Fresh (uncured) Ham steaks &8/lb.

Sausage (mild/hot or italian) $6/lb

Baby Back Ribs $9/lb

Spare Ribs $8/lb.

Boston Butts $8/lb

Bacon $12/lb (nitrate-free cured & Smoked)

Jowl Bacon $10/lb (nitrate-free cured & smoked)

Bratwurst $9/lb

Ham (seasonal availability) (nitrate-free cured & Smoked) $11/lb.

Liver $9/lb

Leaf Lard $6/Lb

Lard/Fat $5/lb

Neckbones and Soupbones $5/lb

Whole Hogs available $5 per pound hanging weight. You are responsible for paying your processing fees to the processor.